Anyone tried out Apex Legends?


I’m sure a lot of people here don’t enjoy BR a lot, I honestly don’t. But this game has potential, and I had fun with it to be honest.

It does sadden me to know that Titanfall 3 isn’t being worked on. I played Apex Legends thinking it was going to be another mediocre BR, but the game does have some unique parts.

I do miss the TF movement a lot, but the sliding still makes it fast paced, even if it’s not at the same pace as their other games. The Overwatch-y legends add a nice mix to teamwork. I can see this game going somewhere if Respawn puts good work on it and EA doesn’t try to destroy it.


I heard about it. I saw that it hit 300K views in Twitch


I tried to install it, but its having issues and won’t let me.
Which sucks because I am a huge Titanfall fan.

It does kinda suck that there isn’t a Titanfall 3, but I don’t really mind in all honesty, I just hope Apex and Titanfall 2 say alive.

Kinda hoped they’d release a proper free to play Titanfall game with jump kits and titans, but I’m ok with what we have for now, Apex looks fun and I want to give it a shot.

If there’s anything I want from Apex, that is singles and duos. I’m not a fan of teambased games, I feel so pressured playing them, so I’d love to have singles.


BRs are overrated.


Nah man, that category has the FALs in it, the Henry, the AK12BR, etc.


FR though, they probably help more than they hurt because while we DO have to deal with some cringy children, at least they aren’t playing call of duty or CS:GO or any game that’s competitive. So thanks battle royale games for getting little kids off of my favorite games.


BRs= Battle Royales

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