Any Minecraft Challenges You Guys Have For Me?


diamond sword has higher dps according to wiki (ignoring enchantments) (11.2 dps) (1 second charge to do 9 damage so 9 dps if you perfectly release)


To the ender dragon swords do less damage than bows


wiki has nothing about that at all pretty sure you’re wrong


Read the whole article


it’s an opinion article vs the wiki

“the sword is useless against The Ender Dragon.” is just wrong not sure why you trust a random magazine site over the official wiki


anyone have bed rock edition on a Microsoft acc


just a non-minecraft challenge-related question, does anybody have a base at bedrock level? if so, do flammable things randomly catch fire?


hol’ up!

I’ll challenge you to use…

…this texture pack in the jungle for a full real-life hour


I’ve only been looking at that for 10 seconds and I already wanna fucking kill myself


That’s what he wanted


Make a custom world with an endless desert and survive until the (ingame) day counter on the f3 tab is at [see amount in modes]

You can open to lan with cheats on and get a crafting table and rejoin, be careful since it is the only crafting table you can get (unless you choose to play easy mode)

Easy mode:

  • Unlimited crafting tables
  • You can turn on the bonus chest
  • Easy mode only
  • 20 Days

Normal mode:

  • You can use the bonus chest
  • Normal mode only
  • You can only live on the sticks from dead bushes and resources from pyramids
  • 35 days

Hard mode:

  • No bonus chest
  • Hard mode only
  • Again, you can start with using the resources from desert structures
  • 60 Days

  • Challenge accepted (easy)
  • Challenge accepted (normal)
  • Challenge accepted (hard)
  • Nu

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on easy/normal can’t you just dig yourself into a hole and hide since you can only starve on hard+


pretty much yea


amazing challenge


I tried going onto an anarchy server with hacks and my PC crashed. :ok_hand:
send server address


be safe


welcome to hell!


Download as as many mods until Minecraft (and by extension your pc dies