Any Minecraft Challenges You Guys Have For Me?


that won’t work there’s a super low block limit


no i meant dig down all the way to bedrock and build all the way up to the block limit



Kill enderdragon with a sword


build the largest house you can using diamond blocks in survival mode


challenge accepted!


how else are you supposed to kill it that’s how literally everyone kills it


No it isn’t
Have you played Minecraft?



I fell into a ravine, it had a waterfall, that I thought was standing, shallow water


F’s in the chat

Also my man had an enchanted leather chestplate lmao


Also, he’s right. Chances of you killing the dragon with a sword are extremely slim. Considering he’s


90% of the time considering he’s a




I think you’re forgetting there’s a thing called a “bow and arrow”


and cross bow new update comin out


No crafting
No jumping
No mining (no using left click)


he swoops down at you and bows do like 1 heart

i’ve played since 1.2 and have never needed to use a bow to kill him


So basically, you’re saying…

Don’t play the game?


picked it out of a mineshaft


Uh swords do less damage than bows to the ended dragon


Try playing on the 2b2t server for 3 days without getting mauled by a hacker or veteran


this server has no rules, you can just download hacks without someone being against it, so do not get angry when someone griefs your base, every single block travelled in the nether counts for 8 blocks travelled in the overworld, there are lots of portals in the spawn, why this request, you ask? Well the spawn is on bedrock level since everything within a 1000 blocks has been mowed down to the ground using explosives, this server is also one of the oldest servers that are still up as of today, just look out, some players are completely merciless

(Yes i got this from antvenom lol xd)


As much as I’d fucking love to turn into Snake from Metal Gear Solid, I only have minecraft windows 10 edition, not the original version. So I’d have to find another server similar to that except compatible with my game version.

Btw by three days do you mean in game days or real-life days?



three real life days


Oh jesus christ