Any Minecraft Challenges You Guys Have For Me?


So right now my wifi is too trash to play Phantom Forces, so I’m just gonna play some minecraft. Do you guys have any challenges I can try to spice things up with?


Defeat the Wither with…



Okay, well, shit


Add Tech Guns mod


get the game to have an actual ending


Well I tried it, I’m pretty sure I only managed to smack him once. I’ll show you the video when I upload it.

In fact, something’s telling me I should do a minecraft challenge series.


No swords and axes challenge.


r upset for me killing u w/ g3


U evil.


they buffed it now tho


You should be allowed to use armor at least lol


I did, I used diamond armor with goddamn thorns and blast protection


Oh you poor soul, I pray for thee


make the tallest building in the server


Do pickaxes count as axes?


??? realy


build a redstone toaster that pops out sand toasts using slime block pistons, but that’s not all, shoot it onto a plate with more slimeblock pistons so that the sand toast is at least 60% intact, then put red sand bacon and anvil chicken on it and finish it off with a gravel skewer, exclusively using slimeblock piston contraptions


Sounds delicious




I have been blessed