An Update to Suburbias (and its removal)


Currently as it stands, the invisible walls over the buildings do a good job of not letting people jump onto the roofs and spawntrap the entire enemy team but prevent frags from being effective. The map extends far so much (after the invisible walls to the side hedges were removed) that it seems unnecessary. The fences all around the place are annoying to deal with, since vaulting over them can be a pain. KOTH Suburbia is worse than even KOTH Highway lot because of the many passages and windows people can camp on. And considering I’m a player from the low-end pc spectrum who usually goes with 30-40fps in pubs, Suburbia is not fun to play. So yes, it should be removed from rotation until it becomes revamped, but even then I’m sure the decisions to change the map to better suit players will be hard to reach and balance.


Why don’t you make a city map?

I would like that.




Please replace with a new sniper map like Desert Storm


Holy fuck how the hell did you get 43 likes?




That’s a great question.


What the fuck a holy fucking 46 likes… Well that’s it I’m leaving bye


did you make 47 bots to like your comment?

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yes.because they blocked roof


I would prefer a major revamp of surbs
I know people would start screaming at me “WTF no get out”

But you see,instead of removing one less map and building a new one, the debs should spend more time in revamping as it takes lesser time than building one



YES PLS! I miss that map so much, and I hate suburbia.


Replace it with Crane Revamp, that map was so good, I really miss it. I hate Suburbia BTW.


crane revamp was bad, imo it was worse than suburbia








I did the math… over 200 people want it gone and only 64 want it here. This community has ascended!


Crane Site Revamp was one of my favorite maps