An Update to Suburbias (and its removal)






No u


Honestly, I think the developers of this game should be focused more on the glitches in this game rather than the maps and new guns. We don’t really need a new map if I can still hit space to spawn in and die instantly four times in a row by falling for no reason at all. There’s other glitches like some people manage to get themselves INSIDE of objects like crates and such. This has been an issue for YEARS and it still hasn’t been fixed. New maps and guns are great and all, but how am I supposed to enjoy them if I keep getting killed by some kid that glitched him/herself through a wall? I’m rank 287 and I’ve been sniping through nearly all of it. There’s always been a glitch where you zoom in with your scope and sometimes your screen just shows you the sky or just black. Could you work on fixing things like that rather than worrying about maps and guns? Thank you.


Its a roblox issue not much can be done because even if they change a variable it will crash and not work


yes 100%


Hi. Mappers, are not programmers. And Lito, is not a mapper. ANd Lito, is really fucking busy with college.


No the cranee site revamp took to long to find enemies


Add crane site also just use a high zoom optic like a vcog, acog, pso 1 or something that is a sniper


Please remove it along with Dunes and do a massive revamp of Warehouse, I like the concept of it but it is not a fair map to play on, and holy crap stop wallbanging me. We should be getting tons of maps soon anyways so why not take my word? :thinking:


That is not true. Just because theu say they are working on maps doesnt mean they will be added


yes yes yes yes yes yes


Yes please


Yes remove it please. It makes me lag a bit every time to shoot.


YES YES YES YES YES Please remove the most hated map from rotation


In this case, don’t remove Suburbia.


Replace Suburbia with Base Luna


That map has been removed entirely


Actually no, the devs still technically have it hidden in a folder somewhere. I do get what you mean though


Folder that probably shows the icon as a trash can and like 50 or so maps