An Update to Suburbias (and its removal)


100 votes!!


Maybe reput cranesite revamp




I think so


Am I the only one here who likes Suburbias?

I mean, its pretty damn sastisfying to see kids dive into my birdshot KSG.

Im more of a CQC guy nowaday, so mall and sub are my fav maps.




No u


Being shit at building, I think it is well built, But the flaws are very bad.

I think it should be removed until revamped.

Main problem is spawn trapping, It’s the same with dunes, Spawntrapping is so easy


Learn how to flank the trappers


I find escaping a spawntrap easy, My main problem is for those who can’t. Spawntrapping can happen on any map, But it’s way to easy on Suburbia and dunes


Remove it until it can be significantly opened up. There’s way too much cover, and it makes the already broken melees even more broken.


This is probably one of the worst ideas of the thread.


Please, take off your nostalgia goggles.



Less than 2 years ago



suburbia was a ok map but spawn killing was rampant that my team was moping the floor spawn killing EVERYONE with Remington 870’s

it was disgusting


Just remove it.


Power to you guys for reaching out in a thread like this. Sad to see some hard work disappear but it is for the best.


thank GOD