An Update to Suburbias (and its removal)


"Suburbias, as you all know, have a lot of issues. Bad map flow, easy spawntraps, and a lot of design flaws. Shay and I settled on revamping it, but because of the recent mapmaking contest on Reddit, we don’t have any sufficient time to replace that map. Hence we are thinking of removing it until the revamp is done and ready.

Please help give me your honest opinions as regards to removing Suburbias from the rotation, at least until a revamp is made.

[EDIT]: I also understand that a lot of you have issues with the infamous Dunes as well, some even after the lag issues has been fixed. Please do bear with me while I address the rest of the problems. That is, we won’t be removing it at all.

[EDIT 2]: No, I won’t be adding CSR again just to replace Suburbias.

Also, wow, 341 votes? (thanks to those for the announcements in the discord servers)


With Shay’s decision to create a voting system to see what maps are favored by the community, and Hypo’s hard work in editing Suburbias (kudos to him, he did all that in a few hours) which made the map far more playable, the vote to remove Suburbias is now obsolete.

The changes that Hypo has brought is now live at the test place, go check out that marvellous piece of work by him. Any community feedback is greatly appreciated.

As to what would happen to the revamp, who knows what is in store? That’s up for you guys to speculate.

Thank you!

With this new change of plans, the poll is now obsolete and hence closed. Thank you (Sorry) for the time taken (wasted) to cast your vote!

  • Yeah, remove it.
  • Keep it in the game.

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Replace Suburbia with Crane Site Revamp?


Yes yes YES





I support the decision to remove Suburbia from the map rotation.

Focusing on the community map contest would have a handful of new maps to test, which is better than what we have as of now.

When a revamp is available, that’ll be a good time to have another look into Suburbia.



Fucc off bot


Sad to see a map have to go, but it’s for the best; Suburbia isn’t a fun or polished map right now. It’s welcome to come back when it’s in better shape, but right now it’s either a melee moshpit in the center or one side getting spawntrapped for an entire round. Nevermind that it has really strange oversights like missing invisible walls and restrictive walls above the houses!

My vote’s on dropping Suburbia, and while it’d be nice to replace it with something, I’d rather it’s just removed quickly and worry about filling the hole later.


The map was poorly designed and weird,
It was one of my least favorite maps within the game and I’ll be glad to see it go.


Personally I think Dunes is just as bad if not worse than Suburbia, but if it’s JUST suburbia on the block then chop away anyway.


Can you guys also remove Dunes, or at least fix the lag in the map?




ew no i would rather have suburbia if you are gonna do that


also remove dunes. its design is just retarded there is almost no place you can play rush because the five year old is sitting on the tower with a sniper or colt lmg. there is simple just too much roof.


the real issue with suburbia is that it is quite linear on both tactics&gameplay and class setup. the lag makes it so much worse


and the lag too


Before stylis uploads a map they should have a test version and then after a specific amount of time hold a vote if it should be in the game or not.



and this is why the bot has no friends


Uhh… My dude, the revamped Crane Site… It used to be a lot worse…


I fixed up a lot of the lag, so you should bid farewell to those framerate drops.