An Open letter to Those who think Certain Guns are OP


I’ve seen so many people complain about certain guns being “OP” Heres my answer to this
How you may ask?
Every Single gun in this game has a weakness BFG Has 1 shot and a long reload,Vector has no range. MG3 has Steep Recoil and a long reload.
Must i go further?
So why do people call these guns “op”?
It’s because the players who use it know how to use it.
BFG players fight at long range and instantly take cover after taking a shot.
Vector mains(like myself) Stick to areas where there is only CQC combat and oftentimes only use vector on CQC maps(Warehouse,Metro)
MG3 players Have learned to control it’s recoil to turn it into a laser beam.
Is it possible for guns to be OP?
Of course! Scar-H’s nerf was well deserved
Laser beam M60(from the early beta days) is gone
Laser beam FAMAS(oh god no)
But there were valid arguments against these and also a lot of them
Laser beam FAMAS had no weakness it was very useful for short and long range(900RPM ain’t no joke)

Stop crying about a gun being OP just because a player is using it to it’s fullest potential.Also bring valid arguments if you truly think a gun is OP.


omg Fal OP pls nerf


Nobody needed this.
Nobody wanted this.
Nobody really cares.

Except you, apparently…


Send this the the CPFL organizers


I should tbh


FAL OP plz buff more!


Buff the para maybe, but nothing else.


BFG 50 is Cheater gun its not the most

Hecate II Is OP guns


It’s a good public service announcement.
Also, I never expected you of all people to start throwing out blanket statements.


Is that unlike him?
I don’t really know tbh


That’s why all the kiddies thought I was hacking when I’d get 11 multikills in one game with the MG3


Because noone ever has complained or heard complaints of OP weapons. I dont care for any argument on either side. Neither should you, neither should anyone else. This is but another complaint for many complaints. And it is exactly in my nature tyvm.


People on the damn forum have called guns OP without proper reasoning.
If you read some threads on the forum you will find these complaints.They aren’t everywhere but they do appear enough times for me to make a damn open letter because people can’t identify weaknesses.


cHAiN feD lMg bRoKEn


Imo, a weakness is only the perception that someone has. Given enough time and effort into using the weapon, those can be mitigated.

Which is what you are trying to convey for the majority of the “OP” complaints :thonk:


I don’t deny the presence of shit complaints, but this isn’t any better. You bring no justice by addressing “hey, no, you’re actually just trash at the game.”

Nobody needed this.
Nobody wanted this.
Nobody really cares.


thank you for pointing this out i will now copy and paste this into game chat when people are complaining to nerf a gun


But wouldn’t that be skill>Gun itself?
The way i see it the gun wouldn’t be OP then.The player is just good at hiding the weaknesses a gun has


He clearly needed this,he clearly cares so maybe people needed it after all?


I’ll let you figure this one out…