Ammo caches


We should have ammo caches around the maps that refill ammo and health. They could also come with guns that don’t despawn there, like M60s, BFGs, L115A3s, M231s, and other rare weapons. Maybe have like a 1% chance to spawn a railgun.

Not much to it but I think it would positively impact the game.


I. like. it.


Me. Too.


gud idea


Maybe also have some weapon stashes with unique weapons like a suppressed DB.


I don’t really like it, it would cause much more camping, and discourage and distract from objective play.

Although, I do think it would make for an interesting gamemode, like KOTH or Dom but the people who capture it get a special weapon drop, but have a slight health decrease.


yea maybe make it so u can only pick stuff up every 60 seconds
also you can change class and weapons in there maybe and u can heal


BF1 elite class intensifies


The thing about ammo and health kits is that classes might have them as equipment but there is still guns in boxes that could work but instead mabe special kits like the ones in bf1.


Every thing but the guns should be there. They should maybe be at points and key areas in the map.


just from watching BFV gameplay, I’m not really to side with a similar attrition system.

just watching people run out of ammo too quickly and actually slows down gameplay. i.e people are pushing and suddenly many of them need to rush back to a point to replenish supplies


Boy, Don’t bring the Railgun suffering back!


gets hecate cache drop



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