Akm vs ak103


I heard that the AK103 has less recoil and the recoil is also more predictable than the AKM. Is that true ?


yeah ,go look at the adv. stats


So… that means the AK103 is better right??


technically speaking, yes


Absolutely. If you’re too much of a little bitch to handle the 47’s recoil, or somehow the AKM’s, then the 103’s a great weapon to use.


Pff, use PPSH with HP


Well that’s the reason it’s trash in the first place


ah, but you see, you could always use it in CQC and take advantage of its high damage and multiplie-

remembers torso multiplier nerf



And using it on semi-auto mode makes it a knock-off SKS


Lol no


smh, the 47 isn’t trash


If you control the recoil right, the AK103 can snipe an AKM


the ak103 is juicy at mid-close range, while AKM is biased mid-long, BUT, ak103 has the recoil advantage


Therefore AK103 is a viable long range weapon. Close fight to the AKM