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I don’t know wether this is a feature request or not. But hey, it’s under feature requests now. I’m also certain that this has been discussed before on another topic. So… props to the person who came up with it first, and sorry too.

Alright, now that we have that out of the way: let’s get on with it.

I believe that “Warehouse” should be used as a tutorial map for new players, you can use the fake soldiers as targets the player needs to shoot, and it will reward him (or her) points in doing so. This tutorial will cover also basic mechanics such as diving with “x” and sliding with “c”, cooking grenades with “g”, and aiming and shooting. Warehouse would be perfect for this tutorial because it’s big and full of nooks and cranny’s (also easter eggs) that can cover tactical advantage and positions.

This will also limit the amount of confusion for new players who have no clue how to even walk sometimes. I kid you not, I met someone who had no idea how to walk.

Downsides to this? Yes. Plenty. I know nothing about coding, but something tells me this would take a while to make possible. This is one of many problems with this idea, but I believe in the end this would benefit the pros and noobs of phantom forces.

Go raibh maith agat!

(Sorry again to the person who came up with a tutorial idea! :slight_smile:)

Firing Range / Test Range

This is neat! :smile:

Surely the paper people needs a good purpose, and i think this is a good one!

How many points will be the standard kill points, 100xp

I cringe whenever I see these people…

I let these people figure it out themselves, because its the standard and classic and generic WASD that ROBLOX uses…

It’s strange that they do not know this…

The coding will be worthwhile…

I’ll tag @toothless , see if he can bring this up to the Dev team


good idea!


Why u revive thread