About Moong

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So, it’s almost a month-ish of me being a website mod.
And I would like to ask you about my moderation levels, and other stuff about me too.

Poll about my moderation levels;

  • Too strict
  • Strict
  • A little strict
  • Good
  • A little weak
  • Weak
  • Very Weak

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Plz make more memes, kthxbai


Fun fact: if you vote very weak, you get instantly banned


I haven’t seen a single mod act from you ngl. Maybe that’s me only checking in every two weeks but eh.

EDIT: As soon as I clicked off you closed a topic. Taking vote back. :joy:


Nah. Didnt get banned


Not voting.

I didn’t really see you use your powers yet for good or bad.
So I can’t vote yet.