Ability to zoom out in scopes like the PMII, 10x scopes, VCOG ETC

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Now, I’m sure most people would most certainly not agree with this suggestion, but bear with me. What if you could zoom out in a sniper scope? What I mean is, what if you could use your scroll wheel when aiming down a sniper scope, to increase or decrease how far you’ve zoomed?

The scenarios where this is useful is whenever you’re trying to snipe someone in let’s say, metro, from across the map, and there are people at the hill, if you have your scope zoomed out a bit more, your teammates heads won’t be in the way, thus allowing you to actually see the enemy

Or just as a neat little feature for people to have fun with


but these are high powered scopes we’re talking about

it’s like camera lenses.

some lenses are made to go from 16mm to 50mm, but others only start from 50mm and go aaaaallllll the way to 120mm

and I’ll assume it’s the same for scopes. I know the PM II has an adjustable knob, but I’m sure it can only go so far

I’m not against the idea and I see where your coming from, but would it be practical?

I dunno, there’s only one way to find out


If you still want sight of the enemy when zooming in, it could work. It sucks roblox cannot have a material that zooms in what you see through it, and it sucks that you cannot see decals through glass.


This would make sense. There are many scopes on the market that allow, say. 1-6 magnification. It would allow guns to be more versatile. But at the same time, this would make canted sights far less useful. Having a DMR like the new FAL DMR that has a scope on it could mean it would dominate at close and long range due to it’s adjustable magnification.


Somehow when you press H and right click it will zoom out while about 2 seconds


Its called SA58 SPR


My scroll wheel is broken


Its just broke instantly


Please don’t derail the subject


um he is saying that because it requires the scroll to work,Use your head


Who cares if he has a broken scrollwheel? If people have broken scrollwheels that is their problem. This is a suggestion. Not a topic about people’s issues.

Maybe you should use your own head.


don’t think he was looking for pity but ok


Scroll wheel changes weapons…


That is true


if you are aiming then why TF would you scroll while scoped in?


To say he may have missed a shot with his long range primary, or he could be scoped in, but hears footsteps of a rusher



Please don’t be a dip-shit next time.


Yeah thats true


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How did you even miss the point?