A tip for flechette


if your using flechette and you still get 2 shot kill from med distance be sure to increase your sight accuracy. The more you get sight accuracy, the faster the bullet would go. DB shotgun with flechette (Burst) can hit one shot at long distance because it already has a lot of sight accuracy.

“How is it helpful to make the bullet go faster when it SPREAD?”

Faster bullets has a quick time to go directly to the player BEFORE spreading, giving a lot of chance to kill them in one shot.

Do you agree about this tip ?


Sight accuracy doesn’t change bullet velocity. The shotgun ammunitions and suppressors change it.


If I’m correct, I’m pretty sure sight accuracy does not control shotgun spread.

That would be left up to the barrel length and other barrel assortments, or ammo

yeah you know what, fuck this, Chron explains it better


Better tip: Supressors decrease spread.

Edit: Its funy how pf allows barrel attatchments on a gun that cannot have one, but whatever


I have hit a DB shotgun hit at 400+ studs using slugs : )


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Aiming down sights decreases spread from shotguns.