A solution to the whole ban appeals situation


Pin the whole ban information posts to the Phantom Forces category. Since the phantom forces category is the first thing people see when they come in, they’ll see the protocol before they decide to post an appeal.

Also, ban appeals are related to PF, because… fuck. Anyways, a rather unconventional solution, but I’m pretty sure it will work.


I would agree with you except that I’m pretty sure the people that come here for that shit don’t even care. They don’t read anything they just post straight away. Probably a good idea anyway because even if it stops a few of them, it’s worth it.


Don’t worry.

It won’t stop by closing the damn topic.

Time to delete all those pesky ban appeals


FTFY, bcus thats what Leaders can do. to delete is if you can somehow terminate that guy’s account (which i believe only toothless can do at this point)