A separate zombie mode for pf


Well, I was thinking of a separate mode for pf like a zombie side of pf. There could be game modes like humans vs zombies, 4 player survival mode like cod zombies with mystery box, pap and more (doesn’t have to be exactly like cod zombies though). That’s all the modes I could come up with but I’m sure with the help of the community and ofc the devs, it will be easy to come up with more game modes. I just thought this would bring more fun and a different experience to pf. What do you guys think about this?


I’m down.

Also, the zombies should be undead Ghosts and Phantoms because realism.


Yeahh, that would cool


I agree but the rady player one event has this if u havent gotten a key


So technically all they have to do (what i think) is add zombie spawns to all the maps


No, ruins had to be modified for the zombies to work properly, such as parts of the map not being accessable, parts having no collisions, movements abilities restricted, etc.


I think after player one event stylis should let that zombie game plublic so everyone can play it




no, you cant say no.

only i can say no




Holy shetaroni




You said no…








the zombie mode from the event would not fit in the main game as it is not multiplayer or easily adaptable to become multiplayer

keep in mind I was responding to awesome0001000 not the main post


Yeah having it as a game mode would be weird so I think it should be just something separate.




I said that they should release it on a different game idiot