A revamp to minimap blips

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I think most of us at this point can say that we don’t like the bare bone simplicity that is the minimap. Here, I will not ask to put a detailed minimap, including an overhead of the maps, but rather an update to the blips.

Player Blips

First, I want to adress the player blips. The current blips are the blue blip that remains in the center (You), Green blips (Other randoms on your team), and the red blips (The randoms you can shoot). I feel that this is much too simple. So what I have though of is a way to make them more complex.
When On Radar…
(You)- Will flash yellow for as long as you remain on radar.
(Teammates)- Will flash for as long as they remain on radar.
(Enemy)- Will flash slower, to allow a better evasion for themselves.
When Spotted…
(You)- Will flash orange with an exclamation mark in the blip to indicate complete exposure to the enemies.
(Teammates)- An exclamation mark will appear on their blip to indicate exposure to the enemy.
(Enemy)- Will glow red to show complete exposure. Their movement can be precisely tracked.
When evading…
(You)- Will flash green
(Teamates)- Will flash green
(Enemy)- Will turn gray and slowly flash to allow better evasion.
When Killed…
(All)- A red X will appear by an area where one was killed, and fade after 3 seconds.

These are my ideas on how the blips representing the players should be changed. While it is a little more complex, it will allow for someone to tell that they’ve been spotted. Also, I’d suggest moving the minimap indications to a corner of the minimap, and make it bigger and easier to see for those noobs who don’t look at their HUD.

Objective Blips

I think that the blips representing the hill and flares are too small and too faded on the minimap to see. This should be changed by turning the objectives from mere blips into larger circles, with the objective name in the middle. They will also glow the color of the objective owner. I also think more details should be added to hill captures and such.
When being captured…
(All)- Flash

Another thing I think that is a pain is when I walk towards an objective and get shot up. All of us also find this to be quite cheap to do. To give hill & flare invaders an advantage, here is what should be added.

When enemies on hill…
(All)- A large excamation mark will appear on the hill/flare to indicate enemy activity.

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Anyways, that’s al I have to suggest for today. Thanks for reading, and be sure to give your opinion about the feature.


Would consider FAL option as Yes


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But yes, I do like this.




TBH there’s nothing to debunk here, because to me this is perfect!

Like very perfecto almundo…


Thanks, but no thanks, I like shits to be simple.


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@MrGarfield26, if there isn’t anything to debunk here, then you clearly weren’t doing a good enough job.

It is entirely unnecessary for the local player’s dot to flash at any given moment. They are already given textual information as to their spot status, so why should it further be demonstrated on the minimap? I understand your intentions, but there is no objectively valid reason as to why this particular feature should exist.

Additionally, what importance is it to know whether or not my enemies and teammates are hiding from the radar?

This is the biggest and probably the stupidest feature in Phantom Forces in my opinion. The fact that despite being out of sight from the opposite team and the player has been spotted, they are still seen running around on the radar. Because they are out of sight, it is practically impossible to know where they have moved since the last time they were seen.

Quick suggestion

As controversial as this may seem, the radar should function in a similar fashion that of CS:GO. When a player is spotted but hides away from their opposite team, they should not be seen moving on the radar from that point on. Their blip should remain stationary for at least 2 seconds while the blip remains as a ‘?’. Whenever an enemy or teammate dies, a ‘X’ should appear on that location.

Or just write ‘A’, ‘B’, or ‘C’ with the correct color of the team in which captured those points (if at all).

Our position should not be revealed because we stepped on a flare. This should only ever apply if the player who is capturing an objective has been spotted or is on the radar. I don’t understand the importance of things flashing either. Just make the objective blip white.

Could we get some visuals here? It takes time, but that’s the amount of effort it takes to make a good suggestion. Don’t rely so much on words.

Also, get rid of the FN FAL joke in the poll. You’ve pretty much ruined any chance of a decent response at that point. It’s an outdated and overused meme on this site. At this point, they should be delaying any release of the weapon based on the number of times one asshole makes a meme, joke or any reference to its addition in the game. It simply is not funny.

TL;DR: Like any other suggestion, is good, has potential, but needs more thought. I also don’t like your shit memes.


The StyLiS team had a concept for a revamped system of the radar & control point notifications in the staff chat.

I like the design, but I don’t think I’m allowed to show it here…

As for the topic, though…
The way the PF radar is as of now is quite good, but there are a few suggestions I’d like to add:

  • There should be a better way to determine if enemies are currently above or below you. Sometimes the red blips fade in opacity to signify altitude differences, but it’s not enough.

  • Might be interesting if the blips turned into directional chevrons if a spotted player is actively shooting and moving at the same time. This directional chevron only shows if they are within line of sight.

  • Above the minimap for Flare Domination rounds, having points [A] [B] [C] shown as white for uncaptured, coloured in the respective faction that captured it, and flashing in the process of being captured.

    For KOTH, it shows the icon for [Hill], with the same colour system as the flare domination rounds.


I have this feature here because there are some people who still aren’t completely aware of their radar status and how serious it is. Usually, flashing lights are easier to see than the status.

For teammates, it is more irrelevant to see them evading from the enemies, but I figured there would be that one person who asks for it. Now why is it important to see your enemy evading? It’s quite simple. It’s a way of saying this is your last chance to get him before he evades.

What I meant by their movement can precisely be tracked is that while on the enemies’ radar, their movement can be seen, so you can see where exactly they are, and what they are doing in terms of movement. As for being off of radar, you wouldn’t still be on the radar because as soon as you go off radar, you will begin evading, much like it is right now

That’s exactly what I was saying. It’s just hard to tell because I tend not to use the best terms while I’m speaking.

This isn’t what I meant at all. What I meant is that during capture, that objective being captured will flash to indicate it’s capture.

I plan to add visuals, but I don’t know how I would draw someKeyword: SOME,
not ALL
of these visuals on paper.

What’s wrong with a little FAL other than the fact that it’s a stale meme at this point,
or that it has yet to exist in-game?
it’s just something random, and it does nothing to ruin my suggestion, does it? It just shouldn’t be given any attention other than the fact that it makes the post worse because of my choice to be as unfunny as Ajit Pai.

So, are we all assholes? Because at this point, pretty much everybody’s made a reference to the FAL

Anyways, Back on topic

It is still quite difficult to make a good post on this site, especially considering that pretty much 0.01% of all posts here are actually considered by the Devs. This post might not even brush a thought in any staff’s head.

WhAT YoU CAn’T CaLl My MeMes ShIT, I’M AJiT PaI, I’m ThE FuNNIesT PeRSoN ON ThE InTERneT


Jokes on you, mostly

Its helpful if the dot flashes, since it will attract the player’s attention to the minimap, and with that way, it’ll more likely have more people use the minimap more. Which is basically what all of us here wants the playerbase in general to do

It’s basic psychology.

compare two electronic signages, which says “Lito is weeb”, one of them is flashing and one of them is not. which one grabs the attention first?

This is not stupid, this will help the player know if the enemy is behind cover or not. It’s a small detail but say you take a glance at the minimap, and you suddenly see a glowing red blip. You know that you’ll need to shoot at the guy whose is in the doorway and more likely your reaction time will decrease, since you know that guys is there

no, only if Shay adds it



Some responses are just quotes. Some responses are slef explainatory.

Response to TP_ONE

This is no reasonable excuse. Such things should not change because some players are ignorant.

So you added it despite being against it? If said “one person” asks for it, tell them why not. In other words, be Torush1.

The chance is always there, on or off the radar; pointless.

I assume you mean “direction” instead of movement. If not, I am extremely confused.


is not the same as

so not using the correct terms is false.

This is the part where I went to bed and woke up early this morning to finish this post. I apologize for any mistakes I make past this message.

Use /paint.net. I used it in my Skin Trades suggestion (in which I will not link).

Response”, not “suggestion”.


I admit I have made at least one reference to the FAL on a poll. That was it. Small, stupid jokes should be kept small. The amount of garbage FAL shitposts and memes on this site seriously drives me to remove this site from my bookmarks. I stand by my statement. Just to prevent another asshole from making another shit meme about the FAL. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care about the FAL, added or not. The birage of references on this site push me to have care for it, which fail, and thus becomes extremely annoying.

Even though Veteran15837’s response straight up referenced it would be a potential update. Given, it could not have been from this post. I agree that suggestions on this site almost 100% of the time is disregarded; either due to valid reasoning against it or some other stupid subjective reason. I know how hard it is to make a suggestion good enough for consideration, so you’re doing an overall good job at this, but again…

I’m excited.

Response to MrGarfield26

That’s like being aroused by a 0.5mm black dot on a piece of paper.

Is this really what we all want? Again, ethical egoism is still extremely popular in common society, and there’s nothing in “what all of us here want” that satisfies our benefits.

You quoted me quoting a quote.

I’m prepared to call this childish. Not because I’m finding excuses to hate it, but it genuinely is. It’s the StyLis Studios equivalent of dealing with a baby who won’t stop screaming untill brother Clark will let him play with his marbles.

TL;DR: Keep your shit memes to yourself. Suggestion still needs more thought.


It’s the StyLis Studios equivalent of dealing with a baby who won’t stop screaming untill brother Clark give him his marbles

He should have his marbles, his brother stole it.


Jesus, you guys have balls of steel.


TBH this is one of those threads that stylis will never listen to…


They never listen to anyone…


N E :b: E R



Most of us do listen, but also can’t do anything about it.
As for the ones that can, well…

I can’t speak for that end.