A message to the next generation of Regulars


I have noticed that we have had a sudden rush of new users
I.E. @DuckSealPengu, @Juggernaut_Ben, and @Rextilon specifically.

I have something to tell you…

Welcome to the Forum, kids.

If you have any questions, ask any normal user or Regular for help. Be sure to keep thw community free of shitposters, clickbaits, unapproved links, and other things…


x3 new user boom


hi im new kinda


well you have YT and PF history, so i don’t consider you new


@Drev is the shitposter here, what’s up with the string cheese?

Don’t post topic that doesn’t have any uses, if you want to post about string cheese, go to my least fav food topic ( I’ll change the title to least/most fav food so don’t worry)


If its about the VSS or AS VAL ask me or do @ender7649


I’m no kid, I’m much older then what you think ecks dee


did someone say string cheese? <3


I’m in love with the string cheese
I’m in love with the string cheese
I got it from the wal-mart
I’m in love with the string cheese


Look, age doesn’t matter here, and when I say kid, you can’t kinda guess that it is use to make my post a little bit better to read, and I wasn’t insulting you or anything, look, I apologize if I’ve triggered you, but if you want to make string cheese into a meme, go to the meme thread.


You know, that’s all good and important, but you know what matters more?

Our lord and saviour L86 LSW.

hands out pamphlet without being asked


But this fourm is built on shitposters…

fuq why

someone give me my bleach…