A Melee Idea


Okay. So, the battle-axe was implemented into the game, so I have every right to make this post.
What I want added, is a new melee. That will bring the world of music into the game. A guitar. Yes, you heard it folks. A guitar. Now, you may say: But! Where’d you get this idea?

Literally anything that has a guitar in it, will end up smashed onto the stage. This came from a man, named Pete Townsend.

Anyway. A guitar.

Is it stupid? YES.

Is it going to be listened to by the developers? NO.

Are we going to have the world of music in PF? A FLUTE- wait. no.

Feel free. To do what you must.


I low-key really want this to be a thing


Sounds good ?





Tactical Explanation


Why not a flute I mean it’s probably harder than a guitar and the flute is made of metal


Fiberglass or wood
Brass. Cheap. Fucking. Brass.


if a gituar is added plz the pool cue.


A guitar?

What about a synthesizer?


Y’all got the wrong instrument

Fuck the guitar,

We have the Gamelan

It’s the one closest to the camera, the ones in the centre are Angklungs


Use the hammered, thick, heavy steel bowls and smash it on a camper’s head. I kid you not this will kill someone.


I would probably call it in as an air strike.

Missile warheads with shrapnel and High Explosives?


A Gamelan?
Sure as hell will level an entire city


Oh yeah, just for fun, here’s a clip on how people make these things

It’s pretty cool


A guitar?

L4D2 Dark Carnival vibes


sees musical melee feature request