A lil public service announcement


I’ve already mentioned this in the past, at least I think I have, but due to the rise of newcomers to the community I’d like to reiterate.

We like having the website look somewhat clean and professional, what this means from you guys is:

  • Posts should be put in the correct category, and if possible, a subcategory. I.e. general Phantom Forces stuff goes in the Phantom Forces category, whereas CTE related stuff goes in the CTE subcategory of Phantom Forces.
  • Please no shitposting, seriously…
  • When creating a new topic, make sure no one else has made one on the subject you want to bring up. If there is an old topic about the subject check the date of that old topic, if it’s older than, let’s say a month or two, feel free to create another one on it, as long as we don’t start filling the site up with replicas of topics, meaning your topic should add something new to the subject. That being said, it doesn’t hurt if you’d just keep it to one topic.

If you have an urgent need to post a meme you just found or created post it in the meme topic, don’t create a new one just for the sake of a meme or two.

If you think I missed something while writing this lemme know.



Hey i’m just going to close this so no one will be taking it over. If anyone feels something els needs to be on list please message it to @Corgi_Operator and he will decide from there if it’s worthy of putting it in!