A Fairy Godmother Appeared!

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If you get 3 wishes, what would it be? And why?

  1. Infinite Amount of wishes. It’s self explanatory
  2. yes
  3. yes

Pls delete if topic is already made

  1. Inf wishes

  2. A Subaru WRX Sti (2004)

  3. money to mod that subie


If she tells you I can’t wish for infinite wishes.

  1. Wish that you can wish for infinite wishes
  2. Wish for infinite wishes
  3. Profit

  1. Wish for infinite wishes.
    • Sorry, Can’t do that!
  2. Wish that you can wish for infinite wishes.
    • Can’t do that either, sorry!
  3. Wish that you can have 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 wishes.
    • Alright, Wish granted!

  1. dark to like the g3
  2. dark to hate the fal 50
  3. dark to only use the g3


good luck, @Darkman_Bree is a FAL devotee (see what i did there)?


1.have powers beyond the fairy godmother
2. wish i had more wishes (1 bil)
3. basically a god

  1. Infinite wishes

  2. The real world is transformed into the computer world. (You can be videogame characters, go to youtube theaters, visit internet forums etc)

  3. Pizza is free

  1. Two more ideas for my following wishes


Eat ass
Suck a dick
And sell drugs




you don’t need 3 wishes to do that


Wish for 2 wishes.
Wish for 4 wishes.
Wish for 16 wishes.

  1. Be able to grant my own wishes whenever I want
  2. Mod on of
    3.mod on jailbreak (trolling)

  1. Ability to shapeshift into anything or anyone so i can troll people
  2. The technology to remove greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere very cheaply and efficiently
  3. Cheap fusion reactor tech


Shoot it to make sure it’s not some cross dressing pedo.


I wish I can die

  1. Right to bear arms in Vietnam
  2. Inherit Bill Gates’s company and fortune.
  3. Mandating all news medias to be objective or face a 75% corporate tax.


More realistic wishes.

  • Getting that gamer girl pee.
  • My mom buys pizza rolls and soda
  • I die from cardiac arrest


found the guy with the piss fetish