500 ways to die in PF

  1. Distract yourself by finding a golden weapon


298)setting your sensitivity to MAX.

  1. Realizing PF is supposed to be battlefield but we see guys running around with lightsabers.
  2. forgetting to close out roblox and rush to make the 300th way to die

  1. Rush into a hallway with your team only to get colatteraled by a SFG

  1. Realised that you have been 7-Man Collaterals by that SFG

  1. fail to grenade

  1. Pressing “G” when you meant to press “F”

  1. Get dominated

  1. Flinching

Real talk, this is a horror game to me with how many times I’ve been scared so hard I jam my hand into my keyboard/mouse


307)getting Jumpscared by a ksg 12 while turning into a corner

  1. Scratching your eye and just then some guy pwns you with his honey badger

  1. Same scenario, but with a shotgun




301u ;dude in dying 50 Bmg yau mag kill sgupid fuxk


311: Reviving this dead post. because i wanted to sorry


312: Dyeing from the cancer spread from reviving this post



kill me



313: dying from @hyped 's ear rape scream


fission mailed
we’ll net tm gext eime


314 : Calling @hyped 6?