500 ways to die in PF

  1. Refraining from shooting red cars (car alarm)
  2. Noob-induced cancer
  3. Dying.

  1. Doing #215 in Left 4 Dead 2.

  1. Get pulled away by a Smoker after you think you’re a badass straying away from your team. (Seriously, i always get 3 man teams because some random idiot gets left behind)
  2. Attempt to collapse Crane Site tower thinking you’re in Caspian Border
  3. Attempt to collapse Mall buildings thinking you’re in Siege of Shanghai
  4. Realising i took the perfect slot
  5. Attempt to Jihad-Jeep
  6. Failing to realise what the Obrez actually is
  7. Self-induced cancer via BFG 50
  8. When random crits are added
  9. Attempt a 5 man rez but realising the Mercy update pulled out the day before
  10. Load up No Man’s Shit
  11. Load up Call of Duty: Infinite Fails
  12. Load up Call of Duty: World Dissapointment 2
  13. Get your suicide grenade soaked up by your own dead body
  14. Attempt to make #233
  15. Realising i took the 233th spot
  16. Use the Iron Sights on an L115A3
  17. Get too mesmerised by Battlefield 1’s graphics
  18. Attempt to tightrope walk on the Roblox engine


does any of this shit have anything to do with Phantom Forces anymore? We started off strong with PF but now we’re going into fucking left 4 dead?

da fuq

  1. Being too curious as to what people are posting on 500 ways to die in PF, shrinking down the window of the game and forgetting to go back to the menu before shrinking


238, Calling the VSS trash when I’m around.
239. Buying BT on the VSS
240. Saying the VSS sucks when I’m around

  1. Trying to explain TheTornadoDestroyer that we died in PF while playing those games at the same time.

  1. Forgetting to put that space in your aimbot commands

  1. Asking Lito to bring back Base Luna.
  2. Asking Lito to “borrow” his anime stash.
  3. Asking Lito anything related to his anime stash.
  4. Get killed by a Model 37 DB.
  5. Get killed by a RPK12
  6. Get killed by a Knife Teleporter.
  7. Get trade killed.
  8. Getting a heart attack after seeing your 249 teammates trying those previous 249 deaths. WE’RE HALF WAY!


So apparently Lito is into extremely explicit Anime? Pretty sure I heard of that somewhere on this website before. Not sure where though

  1. Shitposting on the forum will send skillzz hunting for you.(Not that you’re shitposting)


You guys do know its 500 ways to die in PF not 50 ways to fail


Fails usually results in an enemy shooting you down.

  1. Failing to count properly in front of voxy (math god)
  2. Messing with the counting system
  3. Fixing the system

  1. Killed by Dima’s Machete.
  2. killed by Self-induced cancer via knife only server

  1. When you see a Penguin36692 with his G36C in your server. :wink:

  1. Distracted while watching people including themselves on a thread reading on the stylis studios website
  2. Sign up but you’re about to get shot point blank

  1. find yourself on a crane.
    (halfway there)

  1. Finding yourself on the radio tower in crane

  1. accidently fall into a squad of enemies


265)killing your own team mates and die due to team killing

Look at @Dreadnought video