500 ways to die in PF


also I swear the commenters are gonna go nuts to be the person who makes it to 500 at the 480 suggestions point

  1. Pressing esc on the worst moment

  1. Spilling water on your computer when attempting to get an multi head with your moist nugget

  1. Preparing your worst loadout and smash the keyboard to the computer


157 - Computer Permanently Froze

  1. Suicide Bombing
  2. Getting sniped by a frag that was thrown from SilverFlamesXD
  3. Talking in chat
  4. Smurfs

  1. Pressing esc then hovering to the chat and die
  2. Find out that a person drop a frag

  1. fuck diplomacy and commit mass suicide
    165, fucking diplomacy and commiting mass genicide by killing everyone.

  1. Spawning on someone withought realizing they are on the crane and you fall to your death.

  1. Accidently alt f4

  1. Wanting to check your FPS by Shift+F5 but you forget to press Shift

  1. Realising i took another 69 slot
  2. Get teased by update
  3. Reply to this shitpost
  4. Roll a Baton
  5. Another shit map added
  6. No shit maps added
  7. Standing still
  8. Called a hacker by a tryhard
  9. ???

  1. Telling Mar his skins are unfat and complete shit .

  1. replying to people with xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  1. Thinking every Player will follow your grenades cause you think you are playing Left 4 Dead 2.
  2. Attempting to break your first tree cause you think you are playing Minecraft.
  3. Attempting to enter a tank thinking you are in Battlefield.
  4. Trying a GTA health cheat code.
  5. Telling the chat to everyone go melee only in a tryhard server.
  6. Trying to take the metro in Metro.
  7. Trying to buy something in Mall Construction Revamp.
  8. Get killed by a C7A2 after travelling back in time.
  9. Get killed by the Beta one hit BFG after travelling back in time.
  10. Get killed by a Deagle .50 after travelling back in time.
  11. Get killed by a Railgun after travelling back in time.
  12. Get killed by a FN FAL after travelling further in time, nobody knows how far.
  13. Doing Math ingame.
  14. Using the ZIP 22.
  15. Falling out of an upside down April Fools map.
  16. Thinking the Stick Grenade actually explodes.
  17. Trying to double jump thinking you are in TF2.
  18. Not knowing what Bullet Drop is as sniper.
  19. Requesting backup, that never arrives.
  20. Joining a Modded PF game with admins abusing OP Admin-Only guns.
  21. Cooking a grenade… in a microwave.

  1. being the 201st post and finding out 200th post was stolen
  2. Cooking a 9mm in a microwave
  3. a 45 ACP in microwave
  4. same for a 5.56 NATO
  5. 7.39
  6. 308 Winchester
  7. 337 Lapua
  8. 50 BMG
  9. 50 BMG incinidery
  10. basically, dont even cook any ammunition. Its bad for you

  1. Cooking every single ammo at once in a microwave, maybe it won’t go wrong?

  1. Let’s try a 17-Inch Shell from a Naval Vessel turret

  1. Shoot straight up.

  1. Use the vss without attachments. I die from that recoil