500 ways to die in PF


Always forgotten in these. Sadness…

  1. You say mean thing about sniper on Hellside’s server
  2. Missing that close range sniper shot
  3. Sprayed by the Mk11

  1. Get shot by Axis using his aimbot

  1. Talking shit about the M16A4 when Nickcostley is in the other team.

  1. picking up a fallen hattori instead of killing the guy in front of you


120.) Pressing F5.

  1. Pressing Shift F5 instead of F5

  1. Not realising you ran out of ammo on your primary weapon.
  2. Dying in PF while playing with no HUD.
  3. Getting banned by Newbie15837.
  4. Glitching into objects, then Newbie15837 spawns on you as an enemy.

  1. not reloading.

  1. trickshotting from crane

  1. Forgetting to turn on your aimbot

  1. Telling a mod giving free credits but you won’t on test place
  2. Getting sniped literally at pointblank because the kid who did it was more cool than you

  1. John Doe hacks you in-game and takes all of your skins and kills you

  1. Shooting at enemies killing them all and a random rank 0 who doesn’t even know how to switch weapons or sprint comes around the corner and blasts you with his AK12


#143.Being a P90 tryhard.

  1. going AFK on the roof of mall to go take a piss
  2. going AFK on the roof of mall to go take a shit
  3. going AFK on the roof of mall to go take a piss and a shit
  4. your mom interrupts you and takes too long to tell you about something you need to do

  1. Letting me use my M16A3 on metro

  1. getting killed from behind.
  2. getting sniped by sniper


151)playing PF on a PC with a bad graphics card
152)playing pf while playing the ice bucket challenge

  1. Trying to trickshot from the crane whilst attempting to complete the floor is lava challenge