500 ways to die in PF

  1. Give the BFG a 5 round mag and semi auto


  1. play PF itself


Gets killed by an ant

  1. Try to spawn and get killed by campers using an AKM and picked up a bfg50 baltrak.

  1. Let Red use a Hattori.

  1. death by random made

  1. Getting quickscoped and accusing your killer that he/she hacks even tho they have a fast reaction time

90)Game lags during a firefight

91)you try to copy disnoobz’s wierd skill, sniping on the crane with a ksg 12 without slugs and get sniped instead

  1. Using a BT on a BFG
  2. Using a BT on a Intervention
  3. Using a BT on a R700
  4. Using a BT on a AWS
  5. Using a BT on a L115A3/AWM
  6. Using a BT on a Mosin Nagant
  7. Using a BT on a M60
  8. Using a BT on a TEC-9
  9. Using a BT on a Kriss Vector

  1. Game shuts down
  2. Stabbed in the back by your ‘teammate’
  3. When a Browning M2HB heavy machine gun is added
  4. Being headshotted by a Remington 700


96)meleeing yourself
97)falling a ridiculously 1 STUD death ((yes it happened to me once))

  1. Using entire PF life savings to buy cases & keys, then the game server shuts down.
  2. Dying to Newbie15837
  3. Dying at rank 100.


101- Trying to control the M231’s recoil and accidentally killing your self.


Idk how but the game was lagging me so hard I died from killing my self this is what the feed said EnderwolfX2 Honey Badger EnderwolfX2


102- abusing BFG 50 and ballistics tracker and getting stabbed in the back by @skillzz .

  1. Glitching into the ground


104 jumped in th basketball at warehouse and it flung you and causing you to die (happened me)

  1. Falling off the bar of Warehouse after parkouring on it.
  2. Trying to complete the 9mm to .50 BMG in 1 life.
  3. Tryharding your new melee weapon.
  4. Every player rushes B.
  5. Changing fire mode while standing on a weapon during a fight.
  6. Begging for credits to the staff.

  1. Dieing to alextop5’s wrath of Mosin Nugget
  2. Getting blown up by @DIAAMND
  3. Just pressing F5




I am never included in these with my M16A4…