500 ways to die in PF


398.5. joining a testplace server only to see that it’s filled with as many players possible not using testplace weapons

  1. Making a third 393 using Hecate


laser sights.

  1. Being 4/5ths from the end and then you get kicked.

  1. Having to scratch your neck/armpits/leg/arm and then get shot by somebody you didn’t even see.

  1. Forcing me to read fucking 30 unreads a day cuz I wanna keep the title of most time spent reading…

  1. A giant 20 foot tortoise eats you on highway.

We have lightsabers and tactical spatulas so why the hell not? The devs obviously don’t give a shit about what makes sense and what doesn’t.

  1. jump to space due to roblox physics

  1. Dying Because you can’t tell if the war axe is swinging or not, so you get dropped instantly.
    (Seriously, the war axes animations and sounds are broken, this is valve levels of oversight.)

  1. A soldier starved today after he went searching for the flying Turkey (Notice thumbnail) for more than a 100 years, He never found it…
  2. Going out of your cover to rekt some enemies after you are done reloading, but forget about the rechambering thing.
  3. Forgetting to unscope after shooting a sniper.
  4. Thinking the Henry has sniper bullet drop.
  5. Thinking the ZIP (2000 RPM) is automatic.
  6. Thinking the M231 has low recoil.
  7. Thinking the VSS Vintorez has a bigger magazine.
  8. Thinking the M60 requires skill.
  9. Trying to play pool in Suburbia.
  10. Trying to play Arcade in Metro.
  11. Trying to play on Lito’s computer in Highway Lot.
  12. Trying to play on another computer in Warehouse.
  13. Trying to control the crane in Crane Site.
  14. Trying to reach the UFO in Dunes.
  15. Trying to find an open shop in Mall Construction.
  16. Trying to do anything that the game doesn’t allow you to.

  1. Drink bleach

  1. Get a brain freeze trying to noscope.

  1. Realising we have 76 more ways to die
  2. Donating to Lito’s CrunchyRoll via Ballistics Tracker
  3. Being told to go to Mars by Elon Musk
  4. Attempting to slide with the Hecate II
  5. Attempting to slideshot with the Hecate II
  6. Attempting to trickshit with the Hecate II
  7. Attempting to shoot a BFG with the Hecae II


431.Nade yourself


Suicide bombing people

  1. Attempt to Gun Sync


When you are aim is potato and so is your pc

  1. Unable to put the death number
  2. Not only your aim and pc is potato, but you yourself is a potato

  1. Looked at stardude’s shitpost.

  1. Stylis trying to kill you potato computer