500 ways to die in PF

  1. Die from HELLSHIT-II™ recoil blasting you past the edge of the universe.

  1. Died from breaking your back while shooting the Hecate II.

  1. Died from the HELLSHIT-II™ recoil ripping through you back and exiting from the other side multi collating 15 enemies behind you…


355 Died from that guy who 15 man collated you

  1. Say that anime was a mistake in front of lito

  1. being shot in the toes by a MP412 rex which fires .357 magnum


Kill this post…

  1. Telling Shay to stop adding AK-12 variants

  1. Trying to kill a meme thread

  1. Dying by my Very rare gold Chosen one.


361)getting killed by a simple knife

  1. Not giving shoutouts to simpleknifes

  1. Begging for credits
  2. Begging for ranks
  3. Begging for mod

  1. Begging for credits, actually getting them, then wasting it on Worn & Torn cases/keys.
  2. Begging for ranks, actually getting them, then uses the M231.
  3. Begging for mod, actually getting it, then accidentally bans self.

  1. Getting your favorite case key… on the wrong account.
  2. Death by OOF
  3. Trying to cut down your first tree with a Nordic War Axe… in enemy territory.
  4. Using the Ullapool Caber instead of the Stick Grenade.
  5. Trying to make krabby pattie with your Tactical Spatula… in an enemy restaurant… filled with Hecates
  6. Performing an awesome ninja move with your Hattori… 300 studs away from a Hecate.

  1. reviving a dead topic

  1. microwave turns off wi-fi in the middle of a game


blame the person using the microwave…

  1. Power trip

  1. getting rekt by a rank 0 (happen to me once ._.)