500 ways to die in PF


Post 500 ways to die in PF in order, its a game.

  1. Shot by a M4A1
  2. Shot by a M4
  3. Shot by a AK12
  4. Shot by a MK11
  5. Shot by a KSG
  6. Shot by a Rem 700
  7. Shot by a Rem 870
  8. Shot by a Rex
  9. Shot by a M9
  10. Shot by a G17
  11. Shot by a G18
  12. Shot by a Kek-9
  13. Shot by a RPK
  14. Shot by a RPK74
  15. Shot by a Honey Badger
  16. Shot by a FAMAS
  17. Shot by a AK47
  18. Shot by a AKM
  19. Shot by a AK74

  1. Fail a slideshot
  2. Try to snip in a 30stud distance
  3. Fail a trickshot
  4. Fail a 360
  5. Fail to flank
  6. Fail to melee


26:Press F5
27:Spawn in an ally and then glitch out
28:Falling 99999 studs

  1. Forget to get ur egg from the frying pan and get sprayed down by scar hamr

  1. Get killed by a suicidal grenade noob

  1. Finding out your team are all on the rooftop of Ravod sniping with non-slug shotguns.
  2. Playing Base Luna.

  1. shooting a window and get flung to outer space

  1. Shay not adding the FAL.

  1. Not using the M16A4…

  1. Getting lag killed
  2. Dying to an exploiter
  3. Dying to anyone in this website
  4. Resetting yourself
  5. When ROBLOX disconnects you for being idle 3 minutes
  6. When ROBLOX shuts down server
  7. The meaning of life claims your PF life.

  1. When your 10% Legendary chance resets by a Very Rare.

(That actually happened to me.)

  1. Get pushed of a ladder by a team m8
    ( some of you guys are not doing it right)

  1. Killed by a Mosin Nugget
  2. Killed by a Mini Nugget
  3. Killed by a fully automatic Serbu
  4. Killed by a a normal Serbu
  5. Killed by a Big Fucking Serbu
  6. Killed by a Trench Mace

  1. Talking shit about the VSS Vintorez when Admiral_Ward is in the other team.
  2. Talking shit about the L86 LSW when Chroniton is in the other team.
  3. Talking shit about the M231 when I am in the other team.
  4. 1v1 a BT Sniper.
  5. Run into a room with 10 enemies all aiming their guns on you.
  6. Using Chosen One in a dark room.
  7. Have my Frag Curse.
  8. Trying these 500 ways to die in real life. (Don’t do it)
  9. Spraying M231 on long range trying to kill that sniper that’s aiming on you.
  10. Breaking open Lito’s safe with his secret anime stash and he spots you.
  11. Stealing a gun from the ground and then rush to the enemies… but that gun is out of ammo.
  12. Joining the test place (Usually filled with PRO’s)
  13. Throwing a grenade on a streetlight from Highway Lot and bounces back.
  14. Throwing a grenade on a bar under Warehouse’s ceiling and bounces back.
  15. Trying to be a Baseball Player and try to knock a grenade away with your Baseball Bat.
  16. Trying to escape with Crane Site’s elevators from an incoming Hattori tryhard.
  17. Being in the bad team in Metro.
  18. Spawning on a Player on the Crane and immediately fall off.
  19. Finding out I took number 69.


70)Trying to hack the game and get banned
71)USE THE BFG BT and replace secondary with M60 BT and the getting kicked
73)Using the vector at long range, gets killed while reloading
74)Dolphin diving into enemy hill even though the enemy is spamming grenades
75) Your parents want you to stop playing to eat dinner

  1. Letting @Admiral_Ward use the VSS
  2. Letting @Chroniton use the G36
  3. Letting @MrGarfield26 use the RPK
  4. Letting @RedComm Use a Stronk Soviet Weapon
    80)Letting a COD trickshotter play… (@po_ke )

  1. let me use FAMAS… with Korea style skins.

  1. Give the FAMAS a buff

(Remeber my old gun biography post?)

  1. Give M60 a buff

(yeah i do)