Going into this year with a rough start, we’ve established quite a bit on our end during the month of February. Most of which was published on various outlets, and ultimately lead to this blog being created. So instead of rehashing development struggles and whatnot, lets cover what we have planned going into March and a few things that were created during February.

Let's start this off by covering a few additions/changes we made last month to community outlets. With the same idea in mind as the steam workshop, we’ve opened up the opportunity to influence what makes it into the game to the community. Having had a list in the past of weapons that I thought would make cool additions to the game, I’ve compiled them all into a google form to be voted on. With the form, I can easily gauge what should take priority as content in the game. That being said we do have a few guns that'll find their way into the game before that takes effect, being weapons that have models and animations that had found their way into the test place.

In other news, during February we migrated the forum that was under this domain to forum.stylis-studios.com, we also have an update planned for this weekend to kickstart the month. With the addition of the HK21, the Fal Shorty, changes to two existing maps, and the map Blizzard along with minor tweaks to a few guns. All of this can be tested in our public test place as of now. To address the concern of us reusing models and whatnot in updates, that going forward variants of guns should be released alongside each-other or a entirely new weapon family. The primary reason for it having happened in the past was the models had been created up front when having modeled the first gun. Leading to most of the guns going into backlog for quite some time.

Community curated maps, something which Blizzard, Prison Break, Luck and Rig are a part of.  During the previous month I've been taking steps to address concerns in the community, one of which I want to address now, which is the lack of publicity for the program. They've created plenty of resources to help people make content suitable for phantom forces. If you're at all interested in becoming involved in the program join the Stylis Community Map Creation Program (SCMCP for short) discord server. You'll notice that these maps are regularly in the test place rotation and undergo regular updates.

Something we've been experimenting with recently is the use of viewport frames on roblox to create a three dimensional mini map. I teased this briefly on #roadmaps on discord. and can be seen here.

Note: that this is almost entirely experimental and is subject to be changed. That being said It should find it's way into the test place sometime this month.

Anyhow, I'm looking forward to posting on here with more information as the month develops. I'm sure I'll have plenty more to talk about in a few weeks!