Test place - MG3KWS, PPSH-41 and MP40 (+2 Returning pistols) [Test place news #11]


Went opening a M45A1 customizable skin from the Grunge Case (Tier 5)


Got that instead…
I already have a customizable Trench Mace skin, stop giving me more!!


For some unknown reason, the MP1911, PPSH-41, MG3KWS and MP40 are gone from the test place.
But since I had the MP1911 equipped, I can still use it, so they’re probably just hidden until whatever they want to do with them is done.


rest in peeps


Fun to use! Not sure why it’s a bit zoom out than the 6x scope but I’ll get used to it


People said the PU scope is messed up. The zoom on it lower than the zoom of the Mosin’s iron sights.


Update to this Test place news:

M45A1 got it’s awesome shooting sound back!
(However, not the cool reload animation yet)


I would use it, but rank 141? really? It’s not even that good. If its over rank 100 it shouldn’t be int he game as of leveling up in 100+ takes like two hours


PPSH’s rank was moved to Rank 92.




Ppsh in real game unlocks at 92