Test place - Hecate II, DBV12, Tactical Spatula [Test place news #8]


Thread updated with 2 new weapons and a new Hecate II model.


we said no more AK-12 variants REEEEEE


I beg you, just the SVD-12, We need another DMR, Just please, one more.


I feel like stylis shouldn’t have made a AK-12 looking shotgun.But rather just make the Saiga 12K
The gun:


I want.


Might as well get the M1 Garand as a DMR

Or straight away the original SVD


The DBV12 has literally no recoil


I would use it but, I still don’t have the credits from the data reset, and I would rather not pay what would be like $3.50 USD to try it out.


Time to grind with the hellshit-II™


It’s a russian semi auto shotty so exactly what you like :slight_smile:


Don’t forget the new CS:GO M9 model for the default unlocked knife.


Oooh, fancy knife!


You’re late

pls no hurt

Seriously tho, this new knife looks badass. I think Hellside will like it if he’s going to do trickshots


Tactical cooking device is stronker…


SpongeBob Approved




Tru that