Something that i have been working on for a while (multiple maps yay :D)

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Grocery store please. I need my freschetta pizza






  • Working on bridge
  • working on Grocery store


Wow ur fast just you should fix the road there it splits into the one for the store


Sidewalks soon?
Looks nice


This is coming together awesome. I voted skyscraper but grocery or mall would be nice. That tall multi level building now might get enough of the city feel to not need a skyscraper.


Would be nice to have parking meters and parallel parking spaces on the road. A parking garage would be too.



  • working on harbor
  • still working on grocery store
  • the floor is grass now (I’ll add stone floors at most places of the map)
  • fixed the bridge’s glitchy af texture


Should i add sewers?

  • Maybe
  • Nope

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also don’t keep the ground flat everywhere make hills and stuff


Is there going to be stuff on the bridge? Like broken down cars


this doesn’t look like a place for there to be broken cars but if u want it to be post-apocalyptic you should add the bridge be broken from the middle because of a plane crash.




Afterwards make the skyscraper so that the mosin is 2 shot headshot and aws too.

i keep getting one shotted by the mosin okay…


LAGGGGG its gonna be to high and so will the lag plus it will take like 1/3 of the whole match just to get up there…


I’m gonna be honest.
I don’t like it in the state it is now. It looks pretty plain except a few buildings. So for the current state, I’m voting no.

I’m assuming you are going to work on the map more. Then my vote will probably change. But, after all, this is much better than what I can do :joy:


put an alligator easter egg in there!



  • Working on sewers
  • Punched a huge hole in the bridge


looks good btw r u a map builder for stylis?