Something that i have been working on for a while (multiple maps yay :D)

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Oh also remember to add something that disables the BFG, SFG, HELLSHIT-II™, M60, and the BT …






Like a tiny red button that disables all the op guns!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS


I personally have never played basketball on a field idk about you tho.



  • Still working on the flat eccs dee
  • Added stairs to it


Its Noice put some cover / walls inside on some of the floors


I’ll work on the interior when the flat is complete.


Btw r u a dev or map builder cause if u arnt then this will never get in the game…


the fuck is a basketball field
u cant play basketball on a field


Map update Schedule

I will try to update this according to the schedule

  • Sunday: No update

  • Monday: 3:15 PM GMT

  • Tuesday: 3:15 PM GMT

  • Wednesday: 3:15 PM GMT

  • Thursday: 3:30 PM GMT

  • Friday: 20:00 PM GMT

  • Saturday: 19:45 PM GMT



wanna play so bad man


No update today cause roblox fucked up and became buggy af :frowning:


i felt like doing an update today


  • Finished flat
  • Working on the flat’s interior rn


This dude is great


What should i add next?

  • mall (not the mall map)
  • grocery store
  • skyscraper
  • factory

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Grocery store pls


Grocery store CQC…

I will be horrible at this but I still want it




Btw just noticed something…

there is now mp4 in upload…