Memes, Puns & Meme related GIFs Thread


Turns you off
no xd


Turns you off
no xd


leeny face


well, apparently stardude is stupid. First off, he thinks StyLis is a guy? Then he thinks StyLis Studios made AR? what the fuck is wrong with him?


he gets diverse on what’s real and whatnot


tenor (1) This is what Stylis does after making money from BFG 50 sales and credit sales which ruin credit scores XD.


For a while, we’ve had some good memes. I’ll be honest. I posted ok memes. But today, I’ve got a long & sweet meme. This meme also uses my face so…

Face reveal kids


Ever heard of the Omae wa mou shindieru meme?

Me trying to save an innocent child from Roblox

All of this was made on my phone.


Holy crap dude black face that’s RACIST.


If you read my post just above this meme, you will understand, that is me. Looking like an actual idiot.


I get it lol


022 i am not sorry


Me vs. Shitposts


Bruh that meme was already used.


@Donkey_horse meme was already used you failed.






Stahpinh the haterz